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feat: add dev mode warning and styling
Introduced a development mode toggle for the app, which, when enabled, displays a distinctive warning on every page to inform users they are viewing a development version of the site. This warning is styled for clear visibility. Development mode is toggled with a new `--dev` command line argument or by setting an environment variable. The change aims to prevent confusion between the development and production environments for both developers and early users.

- Added new CSS rules for a warning alert style in `base.css`.
- Modified `` to check for a development mode flag and pass a warning message to the template if the flag is set.
- Updated `base.html` to include the warning message when present.
- Added a new template for the development warning message.
2024-05-27 17:37:30 +02:00

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<div class="alert alert-warning text-center" role="alert">
This is a development version of the website. For the live
version, please visit
<a href="" class="alert-link"></a