feat(services): Excluded Nitter from index and simple page

Updated the services.json to exclude Nitter from both index and simple search queries. This change is intended to streamline search results and improve the user experience by removing less relevant or redundant service listings. The adjustment ensures that our search functionality becomes more efficient and user-centric, focusing on services that are of higher importance or relevance to our user base.

This strategic exclusion might impact how users discover services, potentially improving overall satisfaction with search results by reducing clutter and enhancing the visibility of remaining services.
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Kumi 2024-04-23 19:54:13 +02:00
parent a6157c1f1e
commit 303b2e4dad
Signed by: kumi
GPG key ID: ECBCC9082395383F

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@ -307,8 +307,8 @@
"exclude_from_index": false,
"exclude_from_simple": false
"exclude_from_index": true,
"exclude_from_simple": true
"name": "Proxigram",